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Everyone has something to add to the world, if they have equal access to the natural resources, for homes gardens schools business - and  the Resource Dividend
National Defense
Energy Policy
Health Services
Public Schools
Nature Parks
Defend the United States
Well paid military
Honor Rights Treaties
Engine Tune-up program
Building insulation loans
Alternatives Conservation
Public Transit upgrade
Road maintenance fund
Inter-City Rail
Preventative medicine
Free Public Clinics
Health Care Education
Secure Land Grant funding
State responsibility for all
Universal college access
Sustainable national policies
Neighborhood parks
Trail and migration routes
former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond's
Annual equal dividend to every adult and child
Dividend investments in Conservation and Alternative Energy, to increase Dividends - - Secure Land Grant  School Funding  - Public Transit  to reduce traffic, accidents & pollution - - Annual Review of Corporation Charters, Open Accounting - Nature & Neighborhood Parks - - Public Health Care Clinics  - Remove Labor Taxes - Split the PropertyTax off_buildings
Dae Miles

Taxes: Sales vs. Rent
public education, alternative energy,
 ( Jay Hammonds' Iraq dividend idea ),
 and a sustainable prosperous economy. I love America.
Jay Hammond's Iraq Plan  Former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond  1922-2005
Article Published: Sat., Jan 21, 2006  Opinion  Hammond's Iraq Plan 

Former Alaska Gov. Jay Hammond (1922-2005) produced the video, "The Iraq Plan," about an Alaska-style dividend for Iraq. Jay said, "Had we not created a permanent fund here in Alaska ... no doubt those dollars would have all been spent in the traditional manner that has gotten those states and nations into trouble."

"To date we have a program which each year sends a check to each and every Alaskan ... that gives them a sense of ownership. It also inclines them to promote healthy development and to ensure that the maximum benefit from that natural resource development is equitably distributed. 

"In many instances, states and nations that have had enormous amounts of oil wealth flow through their country have found themselves worse off. The reason being that a few people at the top of the heap reap the harvest and the little guy ... sees virtually nothing. Also, there's an inclination on the part of politicians ... to spend every dollar they can get their fingers on. The dividend program has created ... a militant ring of defense that surrounds the Permanent Fund. Whenever the politicians wish to invade it, the shareholders rise up in outrage, in protest."

The struggle in Iraq is "... evidence of the frustration and difficulty in coming up with any method and means to effectively offset the terrorism that is going on in that country today."

Hammond said "... there is another approach that I would much prefer ... that in Iraq, they adopt a program similar to what we have done in Alaska. Use their oil wealth to invest in spin-off dividends that would impact each and every Iraqi."

With an Iraq dividend, "there appeared to be the potential of establishing in Iraq, a democratic, capitalistic mindset on the part of the people. If they perceived it as our pipeline ... and that every time they interrupted oil flow, it was money out of their individual pockets, there would be a resistance to the type of thing that is occurring over there today."

Dae Miles

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Split Property Taxes
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the Alaska Dividend Idea must be applied to all non-renewable resource royalty revenue.
The United States can offer our best to the world, the example of our equality,
The Constitution and Bill of Rights, Public Schools, and the Alaska Oil Dividend Idea. President George Washington warned us in his Farewell Address 1796.." the obligation which justice and humanity impose on every nation, to maintain inviolate the relations of peace and amity towards other nations...and to progress without interruption ... the command of its own fortunes."  Now in 2004, the corporation war profiteering, warrantless arrest, torture, crushing debt, and loss of individual liberty are the shameful results of unconstitutional "pre-emptive war" or "military privatization" or "forever war" of the Bush administration. Terrorists are criminals so investigate and invoke the Law Of Hot Pursuit immediately and without interuption until the criminal is caught. Instant just action in an emergency, and proactive presenting of solutions for international, national, state, and local issues. Oil fuels votes in Alaska - business owners would avoid property tax
There is work for all of us to do to save our nation. Public policy is for the public to decide through our elected leaders.

Do we invest in education, to save on jails? Do we invest in public transit, to reduce traffic accidents and pollution? Do we join other industrial nations in providing public health care, to remove the fear losing everything because of illness? Do we honor our military personal, with full benefits? Do we invest in energy alternatives, to stop going to war for oil? Do we command our own future?

Working together to understand political economy, we can achieve an honest sustainable peaceful world. The constitutional rights that made America the leader among nations, is being forgotten. Teaching civics is a must, every child graduating from school should know the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Every soldier on the battlefield, should know the Bill Of Rights by heart.